Problem of regional sales profit Trade center management

Everything has two sides, profit assessment must exist some shortcomings, as previously proposed by the regional manager of the above, the problem of how to define reasonable profit goals, short-term profits and long-term goals how to combine, how sales and other personnel involved in the distribution of profits and tricky very practical problem. But if the region to implement profit assessment, implementation of regional profit Trade centers made it really difficult?

Sales profit center area is actually a virtual operating system to set specific sales area of a profit center, the regional sales manager for the general manager of the virtual company deemed the company based on sales revenue target regional business year, minus the company approved The corresponding standard cost, minus planned delivery of operating costs, expenses, to determine the target profit of the large area, and mainly to regional sales target profit reached or not to measure the regional manager of the operating results, which the operating pressure and power together organically. The company is headquartered in terms of, on the one hand is the management responsibility down, it can also clear where the company’s center of gravity, to understand what areas is the key source of corporate profits, which areas need more attention and more investment in the company, the company in business management and resource allocation on a more direction and focus.

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